Web HostingI love Siteground hosting – it’s not a secret.  It is hands down the best hosting experience I’ve had.  And as a developer I do get a chance to sample a few host companies.

But I know changing host is a major hassle for many of you…and you’ve already in a paid contract with [insert your host company name here]!  Well Siteground have got you covered as for one week only (September 1st to September 8th) they are removing these barriers and slashing the price!

Wondering which hosting package you need?

If you only have one site and you aren’t planning on any more then the Start Up package is perfect.

Why I love Siteground

  • WORDPRESS SPECIFIC – Siteground servers are set up specifically for WordPress sites which means things just work better.
  • SUPPORT – Support is outstanding and quick!  I have had terrible experiences with other hosts, waiting for up to a month in some cases for support.  I often end up telling the support technicians what to do in many cases!  Not at Siteground – they actually know more than me, which is what you want when you need support.
  • FAST – Sites hosted on Siteground are fast…they have different data centers around the world and you get to pick the one that most of your customers are based in.  And they give you a free CDN (content delivery network) to host your images, also helping with site speed.
  • SECURITY – Siteground take security seriously.  Wordpress sites are a massive target for hackers. Siteground use Anti-Hack systems, spam protection, and update wordpress automatically for you to help prevent anyone taking over your site.
  • AND MORE – Check out all the features here…including free email and SSL Certificates.
  • Don’t just take my word for it…Siteground have 9.6 / 10 rating on Trustpilot   That’s a lot higher than most hosting companies. There are lots of happy customers reporting their experiences.  Check some other well known hosts and see if they have such happy reviews!

So what’s the deal??

  • For one week only Siteground have a super super deal.  Only available from September 1st to September 8th 2016.
  • They will do a FREE (yes FREE) transfer of your site and domain (this service normally takes a minimum of 4 hours, and sometimes longer).  This also prevents downtime experience during a manual move.
  • They are compensating you for up to 6 months of your current host contract
  • If you aren’t already convinced they are giving you 60% off the regular price!
  • Why are you still reading this post…click today to get this amazing deal

Siteground Hosting - Special offer

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