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WordPress Website Maintenance

Are you using the latest plugins? Are you updating them daily? Do you have old themes left on your site? Do you even know what all your plugins do?

It used to be that wordpress was buggy and doing simple updates meant your site would break and take ages to fix.  But that’s not true any more.  In fact it’s the exact opposite these days.  Your website will start to break if you have old plugins or old themes.  Not only that but the security of your site is also greatly compromised by not using the latest code.  

Hackers especially target small business owners as they think they are the least likely to keep on top of updates.


Why use Tracey?

As she manages many client websites already, she knows what plugins can be updated without worrying about breaking your site. She knows which ones to wait a few days before updating too.

Through experience and research, Tracey is up to date on the best plugins for the best jobs

Choose your package


$40 usd

per month

Plugins monitored and updated at least 3 times per week

Weekly or Daily backups taken for your site

One free hour per month of consulting or website updates *this does not carry over from month to month

Suggestions of new plugins or how to better follow privacy laws…just generally the advantage of having someone on tap whose keeping up to date with the latest trends in WordPress. 

$440 usd


Everything from “Monthly” for the price of 11 months only


Frequently Asked

+ What happens after I book

Tracey will be in touch with you to get all the login details she’ll need including

  • WordPress Login
  • Hosting Login details

We may need a quick call to establish connections with some of these products due to security codes.

+ What's it like working with Tracey?

Do you have an email list?

The ins and outs of how to do everything on Mailchimp getting you down – or does it just take too much of your time?  Tracey can help.