1. Sign up for your free Convertkit plan

Essential Settings

  1. Confirm your sending email address
  2. You must add a physical address, but Convertkit are happy for you to use theirs.
  3. Select your GDPR settings if required
  4. Domains: Add your business name to create a subdomain for your landing pages.  Ideally you’ll set up your own domain but that’s another whole post.
    How to do your own domain
  5. You can add branding colors and company name.

Landing page

  1. Choose GROW from the top menu >>Landing Pages & Forms>>Create Landing page
  2. There are plenty of templates here – simple is best
  3. Complete your landing page with color images and text
  4. Click on Settings
    1. Chose redirect
    2. Select your domain
    3. Advanced>>Set invisible recaptcha
    4. Add any analytics tracking codes you have
  5. Click Add a page and you’ll get a default thank you page
  6. You can update this according and add your download file.
  7. Remember that people will not be added to your list until they confirm, so this means they might get your download and not confirm.


Save and Publish and test in an incognito window.