WP Amelia is such an easy plugin to work with.  There documentation is incredible and I did not need to contact support to get it all up and working. 

My client came to me with a requirement to build a better system for her clients to be able to book her dog swimming pool.  And WP Amelia was both a fantastic price and fit for the job. 

The slightly challenging part of this project was the requirement for a swimming client to fill in a lengthy form about their dog and their dogs needs – but ideally she only wanted them to fill this out once, and then be able to freely book a session whenever they wanted in the future.  

This seems like a fair requirement but interestingly not something booking plugins seemed to offer.  WP Amelia did allow you to collect additional information from a user during the booking process but this wasn’t saved in a record against the user, and needed to be completed every time.  

I have had other clients with similar needs and have been surprised at the lack of this sort of functionality missing from a booking plugin, but I also can see how it becomes a much bigger plugin trying to store this information and access it.  

So I wondered if I could but Registration Magic together with WP Amelia and create the solution we needed…and I could, yay.   It’s not quite perfect, but it’s a lot better than asking a client to fill out the same information every time they book something…and all at a great price too. 

WP Amelia have a really lovely set of demo sites – Take a look at a Pet Care one here

If you want to know more about this – get in touch or book a call.